Your tech, automation & strategic business partner!

Bottom line - I support your goals and help you get to a place of more efficiency and effectiveness in your business.

Who are you?

I have worked with many clients over the years and I hear a lot of the same message. You are:

✓ Ready to hire someone that can do xyz faster, more efficient or (let's be honest) just because you don't want to

✓ Crunched for time to launch (whether it be a live launch, moving something to evergreen, podcast...any offer you've got goin' on)

✓ Interested in learning the platform so that you don't have to keep paying me to fix this or update that for all time

✓ Loving having someone on your TEAM that can take on a project in your business and just run with it as an expert


Mandy is all about efficiency and processes – think Wonder Woman but with more spreadsheets. Mandy is a seasoned professional with over a decade of experience in creating systems and running the back end of businesses. Not only is she a pro when it comes to learning new tricks of the trade, but she’s also dedicated to helping businesses and entrepreneurs grow & scale.

Despite the chaos of being a supermom to three kids, Mandy is committed to building strong relationships with her clients in order for mutual success!

Mandy has a secret superpower: she can apologize profusely and still get things done efficiently. It's that famous Canadian politeness mixed with her expert skill set that makes her one of a kind.



As a Kajabi expert, I offer sales funnels, course setup, webinar registration or opt in funnels and overall tech integration to make sure your offer/launch is set.

Programs I have supported/connected:


ConvertKit/Active Campaign



Countdown Hero/Deadline Funnel




You did such a fabulous job. I
don't even think there is
anything to change. You got it
just right!

Liz Hanson

I think everything looks beautiful and I loved the way you did the Mindset Matters registration funnel. I deeply appreciate your work and effort!!

Danielle Crease